CZ 75 B 40th Anniversary Limited Edition 9 mm Leather Case 2- 16 Rd Mags





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CZ 75 B 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the CZ 75, this model is hand-engraved with rainbow nitrided controls and a set of birdseye Maple grips that are out of this world!
During the forty years since its 1975 introduction, the CZ 75 has grown to be one of the most important handgun designs in history. Over the last four decades, the 75 became the most widely used handgun among police and military worldwide and ranks in the top two most copied handgun designs ever. To celebrate the anniversary, CZUB set their master engraver, Rene Ondra, to the task of creating a special pistol for the occasion.Each pistol is hand-engraved in the Czech Republic in true old-world style, with a hammer pushing the engraver’s tool through each minute detail of the art decorating the slide and frame, which are then polished and finished in a deep, glossy blue.The controls, extractor, grip screws and magazine baseplate are finished in a rainbow titanium nitride, an attractive and extremely tough finish. Lest there are any concerns about the durability of this finish, this is the same type of finish that is applied to drill bits to extend their working life up to three times those without the coating. To finish off the look, smooth, high-grade California birds-eye Maple grips are added. Dyed to match the hues of the frame and controls, the grips seem otherworldly, looking less like wood and more like a snapshot sent to Earth from the Hubble Space Telescope.Chambered in 9mm, the 40th Anniversary Limited Edition ships in a leather-bound presentation case with two 16-round magazines. Only 1000 pieces will be produced, each individually numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.