Microtech Defense Industries – R2K9 – 9mm Suppressor


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Microtech Defense Industries – R2K9 – 9mm Suppressor

Microtech’s entry into the suppressor world was not something overnight. Years of development and rigorous testing with endless rounds and scenarios went into the birth of the R2 K9.

Over 3 years ago, MDI set out with a vision – To create the most effective and most durable modular 9mm Suppressor on the market.

Testing material after material, searching for the best quality and durability, MDI have constructed the main body, accessory module, end cap and every baffle from 6AL 4V Titanium.

All sound testing was done in accordance to MIL-STD 1474D. They used the same manufacturer and lot number of 147gr. commercial 9mm ammunition for all of their testing.

All of their decibel reduction numbers were verified with independent suppressor testing facilities using their equipment and testing locations.