Ruger SP101 357 Mag 2.25″ Wiley Clapp





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357 Magnum
38 Special
Ruger SP101
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You Can Never Be Too Prepared. Introduced in 1989, the Ruger SP101 boasts the strength to handle the powerful .357 Magnum cartridge in a controllable, small-framed double-action revolver. Among the most powerful small-frame revolvers on the market, the Ruger SP101 is a traditional double action fighting gun engineered for rock solid performance. It’s basically a scaled down GP100, which is Ruger’s full sized .357 Magnum service revolver. By limiting the capacity to five shots, Ruger was able to make this little revolver very compact. The cylinder diameter is barely larger than that of a Smith & Wesson Chief’s Special, but due to the innovative design, the SP101 is much stronger than any other revolver in its class.Most small frame revolvers on the market, whether five or six shot, are built on a design that is over one hundred years old. The removable frame side plates on these guns were built to handle low pressure cartridges of the period, which they do rather well. When magnum cartridges came along, the old designs were just made larger to handle the extra intensity of firing magnums. Still, magnum revolvers built on the removable side plate design tend to loosen with heavy use. Ruger’s double action revolvers have always been built without a removable side plate. This adds needed strength to the frame area around the cylinder, without adding bulk to the revolver. The SP101 follows this design, and the result is a small revolver that can handle a steady diet of full power .357 Magnum ammunition. Other gun makers have since added the magnum chambering to their pocket revolvers by beefing them up in high stress areas, but they have neither the strength nor the durability of the SP101. It is simply the strongest small frame .357 Magnum available.Featuring a recoil-reducing rubber grip with attractive checkered wood inserts, the gun is comfortable to shoot and perfect for personal defense. Ruger uses a very unique method of installing the rubber grips on the SP101. The grip slips up over a portion of the frame and is retained by a large pin that is hidden under the grip panel inserts. This makes for a very comfortable and secure grip on the handgun, resulting in greater recoil control and faster target reacquisition. The shape of the grip is actually made to fit the human hand, and is both compact and ergonomic.. For iron sights, the SP101 Wiley Clapp has a low profile rear Novak that is paired with a fiber optic front that allows quick and easy target acquisition. It features quality stainless steel construction for corrosion and wear resistance and includes a 2.25″ barrel. Overall, the Ruger SP101 Wiley Clapp is a tough, durable revolver you can depend on to save your life in an emergency. With upgraded sights and grips, it will make an excellent choice for home defense or as a concealed carry handgun.Specifications:

Caliber: .357 Magnum
Action: Double action
Capcity: 5 rounds
Finish: Stainless steel
Grip: Black rubber w/ wood insert panels
Sights: Novak front sight, Novak adjustable rear sight
Barrel length: 2.25″
Overall length: 7.2″
Features: Wiley Clapp inspired SP101 Talo edition