10-8 Performance Glock Rear Sight (All Sights)


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10-8 Performance Glock Rear Sight
Product Description

The 10-8 Performance rear sight is precision CNC machined from heat treated 4140 bar stock and finished in black QPQ salt bath nitrocarburizing (aka Melonite, same as the Glock slide). All 10-8 sights feature a U notch for rapid, intuitive alignment with a dot such as on our tritium insert and fiber optic front sights. The rear face is plain black, serrated at 40 lpi to reduce glare in varied lighting conditions.

Fits: ALL Glock models, all calibers, all frame sizes, all slide sizes.
EVERY Glock, including Gen 5, 19X, etc. all use the same front and rear sights.
The only Glocks with unique sights are as follows:
Glock 42/43 needs a shorter front and narrower rear, and use our model specific front/rear sights.
Glock MOS slides use the universal Glock rear dovetail, but located more to the rear. We have specific sights compatible with the MOS slide.
Notch widths: .140″ and .156″ U Notch
.140″ – good balance of speed and accuracy
.156″ – good for maximum speed, preferred for older eyes
Compatible with .215″ – .250″ tall front sights (see below for more info)
most Glock models, regardless of caliber and generation, most commonly use the .215″ front.
Glock 34/35, 41, 17L, 24L most commonly uses the .235″ front. Sights do not overhang slide cutout.
Our rear sight is .250” net blade height above the slide
Use a notch width equal to or greater than front sight width.
NOT compatible in elevation with the Glock OEM, Trijicon OEM style, TruDot, Meprolight, TruGlo TFO front sights as they are too low.
XS Standard Dot front sights are .200″ tall. Our .156″ notch rear is recommended, but we do not guarantee POA/POI due to the short height.
XS Big Dot front sight is .195″ wide, and is too wide to work with any our sights.
Trijicon HD, GL101 Series front sight is .215″ tall x .144″ wide. Our .156″ notch rear is compatible.

User installation instructions included. Fitting is usually not required, but the QPQ/Melonite finish is harder than a normal steel file. It needs to be filed with a diamond file or hone (see, as files will slide right off the surface.

***Some newer production Gen5 guns may have oversized rear sight dovetails. If you experience excessively loose fit of our rear sight, please contact us for a return. Our sights are all the same size, so we are unable to provide you with a larger one.