Daniel Defense Ambush A11 .300 AAC Blackout 16″ S2W Profile Barrel, Black Finish 5 Rd Mag




Daniel Defense

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300 Blackout
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When Ambush Firearms decided to pull the trigger on the Ambush 300 Blackout, we had the hunter in mind. Keeping with our philosophy of tailoring a rifle to the needs of the sportsman, like the 6.8, the 300 Blackout is lightweight, modular, utilizes a Picatinny Rail system and adjustable buttstock. Never before seen with the AR platform, the Ambush 300 Blackout fires 7.62 x 35mm rounds while remaining compatible with the standard M4 Bolt Carrier Group and existing magazines.

The Ambush Firearms 300 Blackout hunting rifle features a 16” S2W® profile, Cold Hammer Forged barrel. The chamber and rifling are created at the same time for the most precise alignment of the chamber to bore possible. Cold Hammer Forging alters the steel at a molecular level creating the most accurate, longest lasting barrels available. The barrels are Salt Bath Nitride treated, giving the steel the corrosion and abrasion resistance to stand up season after season.

The Ambush Firearms 300 Blackout features a threaded muzzle allowing the installation of a sound suppressor or other muzzle device. The Ambush 300 Blackout was designed to be shot suppressed and un-suppressed utilizing various type of supersonic and subsonic ammunitions. Many subsonic types of ammunition are designed to be fired in conjunction with a sound suppressor. Testing indicates firing some types of subsonic ammo without a sound suppressor can lead to failures to feed and failures to eject and is not recommended.

Protecting the barrel is the free-floating MFR 12.0 (Modular Float Rail) with adjustable shotgun-inspired hand grip which is exclusive to Ambush Firearms. The top of the handgaurd features a continuous picatinny rail for attaching optics and sights. Included are three 3-Inch modular rail sections for mounting accessories. These modular rail sections can be easily moved anywhere on the hanguard or removed completely.

Every sportsman has a duty to make clean shots on their game and a crisp 2-Stage Geissele Super Semi-Automatic (SSA®) Trigger, gives the shooter an advantage delivering precise fire to the target. (Geissele SSA® has a total pull weight of 4.5 lb, 2.5 lb on the first stage and 2 lb on the second stage).