Remington 700 308 5-R 20″ Threaded Barrel, X-Mark Trigger





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308 Win 7.62x51mm
Remington 700
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Model 700 Stainless 5-R .308 Winchester, 20″ Stainless Steel Barrel, 5/8×24 Threads, X-Mark Pro Trigger, Silencer Ready

Remington 700 5R Stainless Steel 308 Rifle With 20″ 5/8×24 Threaded Barrel. Tactical Length. Stock # 5200. This limited edition rifle is being produced in response to the popularity of the Rem 700 5R 24″ rifle; all features are the same with this rifle except for a shorter, threaded barrel.Free Floated in a Aluminum Bedded Green / Black Spider Webbed Finish HS Stock. This is a Limited Production Rifle. Straight out from Remington, this rifle features the same barrel that is found on the M-24 Sniper Rifles. This Stainless Steel Varmint barrel features five lands and grooves and eleven degree target crown for less bullet deformation at long range & longer barrel life.Many customers state that this is the most accurate rifle they own! This rifle will run with anything on the market.

Remington Arms Company is excited to announce this exclusive Model 700 with 5-R Rifling chambered in the widely popular 308 Win.

“Offering this Model 700 for ten years is a testimony to the popularity and acceptance by shooters wanting to own an exceptionally accurate rifle at a reasonable price,” states Category Manager, Dave Regula. At the core of the 700 with 5-R Rifling is the machined stainless steel, cylindrical

Model 700 receiver design ensuring uniformity, strength and solid bedding area. Unique to this precision rifle is the 24-inch stainless steel, heavy barrel featuring 5-R Tactical Rifling — the same hammer-forged barrel used on the M-24 sniper rifles.

The 5-R Rifling barrel features five lands with a right hand twist which allows for less bearing surface on the bullet for slightly increased velocity.

As a result of less bullet drag, copper fouling in the bore is reduced ensuring long-term accuracy and consistency. The barrel is offered with a

110 target-style crown and a 1 in 11.25-inch twist.

The rock-solid barreled action is full-length, aluminum bedded into a well-designed H-S Precision stock for enhanced stability and shot-to-shot consistency. Add Remington’s X-Mark Pro┬« externally adjustable trigger, designed to “break-like-glass” and set at 3.5 pounds from the factory, and this rifle delivers surgical-like accuracy.

Additional versions of the Model 700 with 5-R Rifling are also available in 223 Remington with 1 in 9 inch twist (Item #5504) and 300 Win Mag with 1 in 10 inch rate of twist (Item #5505). Models are offered in all three calibers with threaded barrels to allow the attachment of flash hiders as well as silencers. They include the 308 (Item #5200R), the .223

(Item #5507) and the 300 Win Mag (Item #85508)
Remington 700 5R Rifle
Caliber: 308
Barrel: 20″ Stainless Heavy Barrel
Threaded Barrel