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Ultra 9CB Gen 2

The second-generation ULTRA 9 (“Gen2”) superseded the original model on November 10th, 2020. The ULTRA 9 Gen2 is quieter and lighter than the original version. The official model (“ULTRA 9″) does not change. Gen2 Ultra 9s can be identified by serial numbers that are higher than C40000 or by the visual changes.

The ULTRA 9 is our full-size precision rifle suppressor. It is best for applications where maximum suppression is key. The ULTRA 9 is available in .30 caliber and 6.5 mm caliber. The .30 caliber version is best for maximum flexibility for .223 up to .300 RUM. The 6.5 mm caliber version optimizes suppression performance on 6.5 mm and smaller calibers.

The .30 cal ULTRA 9 Gen2 meters at 135 dB (milspec left/right) and 123 dB at shooter’s-ear1, shooting full-power (hot) M118LR ammunition from a 20″ AI AX. Compared to the original, the Gen2 is about 2 dB quieter at the muzzle and 5 dB quieter at the shooter’s ear.

The 6.5 mm cal ULTRA 9 Gen2 meters at 131 dB (milspec left/right) and 121 dB at shooter’s-ear1, shooting Hornady 140gr ammunition from a 24″ AI AX. Compared to the original 6.5 mm version, the Gen2 is about 2 dB quieter at the muzzle and 2 dB quieter at the shooter’s ear.

The ULTRA 9 Gen2 weighs 10.0 ounces (1.9 ounces lighter than the Gen1).


CB series muzzle brake and flash hider attachment option
Ionbond DLC coating on CB muzzle devices
Conical shoulder surface on CB mount
100% titanium construction
360-degree fully-welded baffle core
Helical Baffle Technology
Magnum rated
Rock-Solid POI Repeatability


Minimum barrel lengths2:

6″ .300 Blackout (subsonic)
8″ .300 Blackout (full power)
10″ 6.8 SPC, 7.62×39
11.5″ 223 Rem, 5.56, 6.5 Grendel
14.5″ .308 Win
16″ .260 REM, 6.5 Creedmoor
18″ 7mm RM, 7mm WSM, .300 WIN MAG, .300 WSM
20″ 7mm RUM, .300 RUM, 6.5 SAUM
22″ .300 Norma Magnum, 28 Nosler, 7 STW
23″ 26 Nosler
Calibers .30 caliber, up to .300 RUM
6.5 mm caliber, up to 6.5 mm / .264” caliber
Material Titanium
Length 9 inches
Diameter 1.5 inches
Mounts CB series brake or flash hider, and
Direct Thread
Weight 11.9 ounces (CB mount)
13.7 ounces (direct thread)
Threads (Brake or Direct Thread) 1/2-28*, 5/8-24, 9/16-24, 3/4-24, 3/4-28, M18x1.0, M18x1.5
* Note: The 1/2-28 brake has part number 223CB-BRK:1/2-28 and has a .223 caliber aperture!
Finish Black CeraKote; OD Green or FDE available
Brake Material Heat-treated 17-4 stainless
Brake Finish Ionbond DLC
Use Precision/Long-range rifle, bolt or semi-auto